What sort of distances will be covered in one day?
We average approx. 180 to 280 km per day.
How many participants are there per tour?
We’ve had the best experiences with groups max. 10-15 participants, this insures the best personal care.
Will there be a tour briefing?
Yes, every morning after breakfast we shall talk about the route and possible alternative routes. You can decide if you would rather stay in a group or go your separate way.
What level of experience is necessary?
The experience level of our participants varies. We can change our routes to be tailor made to your skill level and ensure the most fun for all.
Can the pillion sit out some legs in the chase vehicle?
Yes this is why we have a chase vehicle (apart from luggage transport).
Can non motorbike riders also take part in the tour?
Of course, there is always room in our chase vehicle.
Can I take part in the tour using my own motorbike?
Of course, however you will then be responsible for your own transportation, insurance etc.
How much luggage may I bring?
As much as you need. The luggage is always transported in the chase vehicle and brought directly to our accommodation, where it will be waiting for you in your hotel room.
What should I take with me?
– Passport,
For EU country participants, a passport is not necessary for GREECE, however it is recommended.
– Driving License:
National motorbike driving license for the appropriate class is necessary and sufficient to take part in the tour.
– Medical Insurance Card:
The card must be valid in foreign countries and if possible also cover private hospitals.
– Motorbike-gear:
Motorbike protective gear, waterproof gear (easily storable combos are the best for transport).
– Leisure wear
– Personal items
How much money will I need on the tour?
You will need money for snacks, drinks and individual activities. A valid credit card will also be necessary for the deposit (see Rental motorbikes).